Taiwan Missions trip

This summer I embarked on a mission trip that was life changing for me. A group of 12 from my church went to Taiwan for 3 weeks, where we traveled the Island country teaching English at several church camps. I was so impacted by the love of God and his working there, I don’t think I am the same person I left as. Here are a few of many photos from the trip. With limited storage on the website I had to select a few and these are the ones I decided to post for now.





I had a great trip this weekend at the ocean, the photos I took are a small slice of the awesome things I saw and did. It was really great. I hope you enjoy these photos, I am proud to present them to you.




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Tulip Study 4, 5, and 6

Today I spent some more time shooting photos of the tulips outside of my house. Its been interesting to see how this series of photos developed and how differently the same thing can be interpreted. Hope you also enjoy these photos.

Tulip Study 4                  4/11/2014

Tulip Study 5               4/21/2014

Tulip Study 6          4/24/2014

Eatonville shoot

Hey, hope you guys enjoy these photos. Me and my friend Malachi walked around the little town of Eatonville taking photos of the different interesting aspects of it. We had a great time! I hope you guys enjoy this little summary of the day.

The Dogs

Today, I went out to my Grandpa’s house and shot photos of his dogs while he played fetch with them. It was super fun and I was able to get some very nice shots of his dogs.

A frozen day

All  these shots are from a walk I took today, I spent about two hours wandering about my neighborhood, searching for the beauty that this drop in temperature brings. Hope you enjoy, I love your comments and critiques.